The Student Leadership Team


The ORICE Student Leadership Team (SLT) has a long standing history with the Office of Regional and International Community Engagement and the International Service Learning program. Members of the team are commonly past ISL participants or UBC students who have worked with regional community organizations and have the desire to continue to learn from their own community engagement experiences. This team not only plays an important role in the
International Service Learning program,
but assists in the planning of programs and initiatives focused on community engagement both in British Columbia and abroad.

Benefits and Successes of the ORICE Student Leadership Team:

  • It presents a great opportunity for students to continue to learn and develop from community engagement experiences;
  • Student perspectives on ORICE programming is valued and needed;
  • Students can continue to connect with other departments, faculties and groups through their networks;
  • Our leadership team fosters energy and a social network into the program fabric;
  • The SLT provides professional development in the fields of Community Programming, Student Development, and Service Learning, within an academic setting.

ORICE has already completed recruitment for September 2018 –April 2019.

An ORICE Student Leader works as part of a collaborative team with direction and coaching from ORICE Staff. Team members work with ORICE staff on core program activities such as recruitment, interviews, pre-departure programming, team socials, fundraising coordination, post-experience programming and assessment, while also learning about the theory and planning strategy underpinning the program. The SLT will also work with the ORICE team on special projects such as community building, alumni engagement events, and networking opportunities.

How to Apply: Our next round of recruitment will begin August of 2019. 

Interested in learning more?

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