ORICE’s Commitment to EDI & Anti-Racism

The Office of Regional and International Community Engagement (UBC ORICE) is committed to embedding equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism in our daily work and ongoing projects, including through the work of our programs and collectives. Students, faculty, and staff working with ORICE are encouraged and expected to consider how they can take an equity-focused and anti-racist lens to the work they produce with and through our office. This requires centering the needs of those most affected by intersectional inequities and proactively working towards creating equitable access and engagement. This work might also include, but is not limited to, ensuring the incorporation of the ongoing and often unrecognized work of organizations advocating for justice for minorities, or engaging with the politics of citation in including and citing the work of non-white scholars and other researchers. We consider that EDI and anti-racist / anti-oppressive principles and practices require consistent reflection and reconsideration and we forefront this in our work, programs, recruitment, and hiring practices.

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