Humans of ORICE

Humans of ORICE is a collection of profiles featuring individuals who have worked with our team in different ways and places; including UBC faculty members, alumni, current students and international/regional community partners. Follow the drop down menu to read specific profiles, and learn more about the unique experiences collaborators with the ORICE office have.

Nabila Basri, SOCI 495F

Carolina for Kibera
"One of the main takeaways from this experience for me was the the importance and value of building communities." Read more

Andrea Sainz Mapes, APSC 462

SELCO Foundation
"I learned about the great impact that people you surround yourself with can have, I learnt how important it is to have an everyday community to enrich experiences." Read more

Varun Srivatsan, ECON492A

A road through the forest in Uganda Tekera Resource Centre
"I learned how to build community anywhere you go." Read more

Roshni Pendse, SOCI 495F

"ISL has, first and foremost, influenced the way I view and solve problems." Read more

Dr. Dawn Currie, Department of Sociology

“As I watch students engage with issues and confront their own power and privilege, my role shifts from a teacher in the classroom to a mentor in the field. It’s among the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.” Read more

Marcus Jung, PSYC 417A

Salama SHIELD Foundation
“Social change is not as easy or as simple as it seems. It takes courage, bravery, and grit to create it.” Read more

Andrew Hill, ECON 492A

Little Rock Early Childhood Development Centre
“The striking similarities between our societies led me to re-evaluate the linkages between domestic policy and global citizenship.” Read more

Katie Sanford, PSYC 417A

SOS Children’s Villages, Mbabane
“My placement reinforced my passion for working with communities and left me considering how I can best use my skills.” Read more