ORICE Solidarity Statement 

The University of British Columbia Office of Regional and International Community Engagement (UBC ORICE) stands in solidarity with anti-Black racism protests in the United States and globally in the wake of George Floyd’s death. With others, we strongly condemn racism and violence in all its forms in Canada, the United States and around the world. We recognize the systemic nature of anti-Black and other forms of racism and oppression in our communities and commit to standing up, speaking out, and working towards foregrounding and further understanding these issues in our lives and work as part of an educational institution. We further recognize George Floyd’s death as a symbol of the many killed in anti-Black and racist acts of state violence and understand the nature of these acts as persistent and ongoing. 

Although this moment serves to galvanize our attention, it spotlights the deeper issue of systemic racism and xenophobia existing not only in the United States but here in Canada. We acknowledge the interconnected nature of racist acts here at home: in those increasingly directed towards the Asian community during the pandemic, and those experienced regularly by Indigenous people and racialized minorities.

ORICE commits to prioritize anti-racism in all aspects of our work, and pledges to continue learning from a place of humility to ensure this remains at the forefront of our programming and values. The vast number of resources that have been provided through countless individuals, organizations and institutions underscores that there is not a lack of information, nor a dearth of ways to act.  While we will point towards some important resources that have been shared, we challenge you to join us in a commitment to select one resource that you will dive into deeply and one action that you commit to take.  Please share with us and among your network (#OneThingIWillDoToday) and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to not only browse the titles of resources but to fully engage with at least one per day. 


In solidarity alongside the UBC community:

UBC President: Together against Racism and Injustice

SPPGA Statement of Support – Together against Racism and Injustice



Learning. (Anti-racism education resources)

Giving. (There are many ways to give at the moment. Most of the links below, just a small selection, are for organizations doing work on an ongoing basis with their communities.)



Living documents with resources:

Anti-racism resources: Black Lives Matter
This is an ongoing document pulled from many resources and activists to aid in anti-racism work. The resources include information collated from many Google docs, online resources, Tweets, and conversations with activists around the globe. Please feel free to circulate and contact Sarafina Nance with any suggestions.

Anti-racism resources
This document is intended to serve as a resource to white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work. If you haven’t engaged in anti-racism work in the past, start now. Feel free to circulate this document on social media and with your friends, family, and colleagues.

BLM Petitions / Donations / Justice/ Articles / Resources June 2020
The following is a living document for allies to educate themselves and create action for Black Lives Matter. It is expanding everyday as history is evolving by the minute. This resource was created in Montreal, Canada but contains US and international components. 

Some resources/links to learn about and discuss issues of race in Canada & QC, North American philanthropy, and through COVID-19

May/June MN Bail Fund and Support List (Updated Daily)
Needs from protesters/organizations involved in on-the-ground work

Activism Resources and Notes
Table of contents include: Donation links, Protesting- know your rights, Support Black-Owned Businesses (Los Angeles, Bay Area, New York), Contacting your Local Reps, Contacting your Employer, Writing Letters to Incarcerated Survivors, Conversations with Family & Loved Ones about Anti-Blackness, Documentaries & Media, Anti-Racism Reading List