ASTU 204C Collaborative Methods for Global Community Development

Program Overview

Registration open on the SSC!

Eligibility Criteria

Open to all UBC students

Upper level 4th year ASTU 401G Wicked Problems course also open for registration.

Course Overview

An interactive and blended learning experience introducing a suite of collaborative methodologies (systems thinking, strategic design, forum theatre) designed to prepare students for upper year courses across the campus in social change and community development. Students will be drawing upon these methods to explore a problem space (Global Migration) related to one of the Sustainable Development Goals.  This course will engage students on the topic of migration using virtual reality and other creative technologies to increase contextual understanding.Emphasis will be placed on bridging theory to practice around collaborative methods for problem or opportunity finding, problem solving, co-creation, and working in cross-disciplinary teams.

Within this course, students are expected to be active learners in the classroom, meaning that they must actively contribute to classroom discussion and studio sessions. The course will utilize a “studio approach” to learning where students will be expected to respectfully give feedback to their peers and incorporate the feedback into their work. Students should come to class having read the assigned articles and/or having watched any videos for each class.

Additional Details

ASTU 204C is a 3 credit course taught entirely at the UBC Vancouver campus. Register now for Winter term 2 at ASTU 204C.