ORICE programs explore regional and international community engagement through course-based placements, community-led development programs, and more.

Our mandate is to foster meaningful engagement between students, faculty, and communities. Students bring their discipline to life by connecting with community partners in a way that opens dialogue and aims to be mutually beneficial, through asset-based community development practices.

ORICE provides several opportunities for engagement through programming.

  • Regional and International Courses are UBC courses led by faculty members that integrate international or regional community placements. Community placements give students the opportunity to apply disciplinary theories to action.
  • Regional and International Programs immerse students in community-led development programs that provide skills and experiences related to their academic disciplines outside of a formal degree. Active learning and reflection remain important components of these programs.
  • Community Engaged Research and Problem Based Learning engages with regional and international issues but doesn’t necessarily require travel. These types of courses bring community partner work to the classroom, allowing students to connect academic studies with real-world experience.