ORICE offers unique programs aimed at making meaningful connections between the wider community and academia around common interests in complex global issues.

At ORICE, community partners’ priorities are central to the opportunities student’s are invited into. Our mandate is to foster meaningful engagement between students, faculty, and communities around the world. Students will bring their discipline to life through collaborative projects that combine classroom theory with practice, and research directly with our community partners.

ORICE offers several experiential education opportunities and programs for community engagement through academic (for credit) courses and co-curricular (not for credit) programs, and events. Academic courses may include either an experiential education component (for example, through a particular assignment) or a full immersive placement with a community partner abroad. Our co-curricular programs may be based remotely through research engagementships with or without a community partner, and may also include an immersive placement abroad. Our programs, which include an immersive placement component, utilize an International Service Learning pedagogical approach, which has specific learning outcomes and ethics embedded.

Learn more about our pedagogical approaches here.

Academic courses

Our academic courses include experiential learning components prompting students to apply their disciplinary knowledge to course assignments or placements.
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Co-curricular programs

Co-curricular programs are co-designed by ORICE and a specific community organization (or campus partner) to address particular global issues or themes through a project.
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I think some of the most important lessons that have stuck with me are how challenging it is to sit with the complexity of societal problems, and to be really careful when making assumptions. I really appreciated the way forum theatre was used to make those lessons all the more immediate and tangible

Liam Orme
Student in ASTU 401G, 2018