ECON 364B – The Economics of Sustainable Development

Program Overview

ECON364B is a 3 credit course that will be offered from May – August 2021.  This course is a unique offering in that it will incorporate a 3 month remote/virtual placement to undertake a project with a community partner organization. This course is offered through a collaboration with the Office of Regional and International Community Engagement (ORICE).  ORICE will facilitate the development of this remote placement (that aligns with the learning objectives of this course) and will provide the training and support necessary for students to work in and with the community. In the past, this course has included a regional or  international service learning placement, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have successfully adapted the course  to give students the chance to engage with a community partner and provide a remote project based placement.

Please note that to take ECON 364B students must:

  • First complete a mandatory prerequisite course, ECON364A, during Winter Term 2 (Jan-Apr 2021). Students can register for the prerequisite course on the SSC here. If ECON 364A is full, please continue to apply to ECON 364B as there are reserved seats available in ECON 364A for students who have been accepted into ECON364B.
  • Submit an application form and successfully complete an interview for admittance into ECON 364B.

Course Description

ECON 364 A/B – The Economics of Sustainable Development: Communities, Markets and Technology is a sequence of 3+3 credit courses integrating experiential learning placements with intensive academic studies. The aim of the course is to both deepen and broaden students’ understanding of the process of economic development as it affects communities. In particular, students will explore the issues and concerns of communities in relation to ways that resilient, healthy communities are able to create sustainable livelihoods, to support rather than deplete the local or regional environment, and to build local economies that ensure the well-being of all community members. 


Students enrolled in ECON 364B will be required to participate in:

    • ECON 364A classes from January-April 2021
    • ORICE-led learning sessions and reflective sessions focused on preparation for, and participation in, community engagement– March-Aug 2021
    • ECON 364B classes and programming from May – August 2021 
    • A 12-week placement project with a community partner from June to August 2021
    • A public engagement presentation at UBC in September 2021

More information

Undergraduate students who have completed their second year (54 credits) by January 1, 2021 and who have completed a minimum of nine credits in Economics.

As a part of the ECON 364B course, you will participate in a remote placement with a regional or international partner. Past ECON 364B placements have been located in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Kenya, Uganda, or other countries where ISL community partners are located. Below are examples of previous placements for ECON 364B. These internships pre-COVID and are to give you an idea of the nature of the work organizations have engaged students in.  Understandably, remote projects will differ from immersive projects but will continue to reflect the priorities of partner organizations.  

Examples of past projects that students have had the opportunity to work on include:

  • Undertaking a cost-benefit analysis of possible income-generating options that would allow for greater organizational autonomy and less reliance on donor funding.
  • creating an assessment tool to comparatively analyze the market and production of key products and assessing the feasibility of an organization’s proposed project 
  • supporting the research of processes, equipment and efficiency models of manufacturing different products, while maintaining the social values of the enterprise at the core of the production.

Date Activity
Now- Jan 17 2020

January - April 2021

Program application opens. 

ECON 364A Course 
March - May 2021 Orientation and preparation  learning sessions (all successful applicants will be expected to be in attendance at all sessions)
May – August 2021 ECON 364B course + 12 week remote placement 
September 2021 Public Engagement Presentation

*Please note these dates may be adjusted but will be confirmed prior to offer.

  1. Review course and program details (please contact with any questions you may have).
  2. Apply online, by filling out the Qualtrics application form here.  Submit your application by the deadline January 17th, 2021 at 11:59m.
  3. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by email the week of January 4th to continue the selection process (see below).

Selection Process

To apply please fill out and submit an online application. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview. After interviews, you will be notified of a decision; successful candidates will be sent an offer letter with further details on the program and detailed instructions on how to accept. You will have approximately one week after receiving the offer letter to accept. Your selection into the program includes meeting eligibility requirements, as well as your initial application and your performance in the interview.

Don’t wait to apply, spaces are limited!