Rural Water and Sanitation: Appropriate Technology Design and Implementation

Program Overview

Program Description

Bolivia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world with landscapes ranging from forest jungles to dry steppe and salt flats. The diversity also places the country in a uniquely precarious position with changing temperatures and climate change. In turn community organizations are undertaking initiatives to mitigate the impact and support communities that rely on their surrounding environment for their food and water security.

Students on this placement in Bolivia will be working with Oasis Boliviano, a social enterprise just outside the town of Sucre. Organizations such as Oasis Boliviano work with local communities to ensure safe access to food and water while minimizing impact on their own impact on environment. Students will work alongside the organization on community projects that focused on improving drinking water quality in the area and the development of solid waste management strategies.


You will be staying in modest homestay accommodation.

Program Dates

Date Activity
Mar – Apr 2017 Orientation and pre-departure learning sessions (all successful applicants will be expected to be in attendance at all sessions)
Late June – Aug 2017 8 weeks of fieldwork in an International Service Learning placement
Sep/Oct 2017 Re-entry debrief and public engagement presentation on campus

**Please note these dates may be adjusted but will be confirmed prior to offer.

Program Costs

The costs below are per student and are yet to be fully determined, but will be within the following ranges.

Location Program Fee
Bolivia $3,100 – $3,250*