ORICE welcomes inquiries from faculty members from all faculties at UBC regarding the design of regional and international community engaged courses. Specifically, we can offer support in the following areas:

Pedagogy – ORICE can provide consultation for faculty members on best practices for integrating community-based experiential education pedagogies into a course design.  

Logistics – Our office maintains ongoing regional and international community partnerships with organizations that are interested in working with faculty and students for reciprocal benefits. ORICE will work with faculty to coordinate student arrangements such as transportation, accommodation, etc. and will provide ongoing support for student challenges/crises during placement.  

Student Preparation & Reflection – ORICE works within a co-education model with faculty to ensure that students are prepared for remote/international/immersive placements through a series of pre-departure learning sessions. In many cases, ORICE works with students to ensure sustained reflection throughout the placement and upon return to campus.

If you would like to learn more or speak with us further, please contact us at ubc.orice@ubc.ca to schedule a meeting with one of our advisors.