The ORICE Team

Vancouver Staff:

Tamara Baldwin – Director

Nathalie Lozano-Neira – Advisor (Currently On Leave)

Sarah Mackenzie – Program Coordinator

Katie Cribb – Program Assistant

Jacob Fischer-Schmidt – Program Assistant

Danielle Renning – Program Assistant

Mary Al Roujuleh – Communications Assistant

Mahtab Laghaei – Communications Assistant


Staff Abroad:

Harriet Mutonyi | Uganda Representative

Harriet Mutonyi is the dean of Education at Uganda Martyrs University, which is based in Kampala. She earned her PhD in Education at the University of British Columbia.


Dan Ahimbisibwe | Uganda representative

Dan has recently completed his Master’s degree in Development Studies through Uganda Martyrs University. He is the Director of Tekera Resource Centre and is based at the Kitengesa Community Library in Kitengesa.


Salim Mohamed | Kenya Representative

Salim Mohamed is 2016 Eisenhower Fellow. He is the Co Founder of Carolina for Kibera, an International NGO that seek to develop and supports local leaders, catalyzes positive change and alleviates poverty in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Through sports programs, young women’s empowerment, and community development, Carolina for Kibera (CFK) promotes youth leadership and ethnic and gender cooperation.
Salim holds a Master of Science degree in Organization Management and Implementation of Development projects. He is dedicated to alleviating poverty, prevent violence through community based development and empowerment of youths at the grassroots with expertise in management and implementation of development projects not only in Kenya but globally. Salim values in ensuring that solutions to poverty are better placed when the people affected are at the forefront of the design and implementation of the interventions. He is a Draper Hill Summer fellow at the Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law.


Rijvi Raj | India Representative 

Rijvi is a Business Graduate with a specialisation in Finance. Having worked with companies like Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs and Founding Years Learning Solutions, Rijvi brings her diverse experience in the areas of finance, business development, corporate relations, content creation, research and communication to drive her passion in the healthcare and sustainability segments. She is currently handling partnerships and business development at Connect Ventures and is also a certified permaculture designer. As a fitness enthusiast, former national-level track & field athlete and a martial artist, she is also pursuing Strength and Conditioning certification with a focus on human physiology and movement patterns.


ORICE’s Student Leadership Team

2018/2019 Members:

  • Anjali Arora
  • Juna An
  • Vanessa Kim
  • Katie Cribb
  • Rachel Bergen
  • Jonah Erickson
  • Angela Katelieva
  • Fares Zubari
  • Jeanne Legua
  • McCol Iles