ORICE Experiential Education Accessibility Award

This award is open to all UBC student volunteers participating in an ORICE program, who are part of historically, persistently, or systematically marginalized groups. Marginalized groups could include those experiencing social, political, or economic discrimination due to unequal power dynamics. We question the ethics of “ranking” students’ realities or asking them to prove their marginalized identities. We leave the definition of “marginalized groups” open-ended and trust you to self-identify.

We will award this money through a randomized, ‘lottery style’ system. Students who choose to self-identify as a person from a historically, persistently, or systemically marginalized community will be entered into a randomized generator. Only senior staff at ORICE will know who received the award, ensuring students’ anonymity.  You can opt to be considered for this award through the application of the ORICE program you wish to participate in.

Individual awards in the amount of $500 each will be based on available funding annually. The awards will take the form of an honorarium and are taxable. Awards will be distributed before the program begins. Note: If you are a successful candidate but do not receive an award, you may opt to not accept the position. We recognize that, for many students, this award will determine whether or not they can participate in the program. 

We recognize that a one-time award does not disrupt the systems that create the need for funding in the first place, yet we hope that this award can make a difference, however, small the impact. System change must center and include the enhancement of individuals’ lives. In the work that we do at ORICE, we hope to keep our values consistent in creating trust-based relationships and spaces for community care, while aiming to better address larger community challenges.

In a commitment to ensure accessibility, we welcome suggestions and feedback on how to best achieve the goal & intention of this award.  All feedback can be sent to .

Note: Students cannot hold more than one award for the same ORICE program.