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It’s Not Gender as Usual: Guiding Questions for Transformative
Intersectional Gender+ Research

This question guide is the work of five graduate researchers at the University of British Columbia who, with the UBC Office of Regional and International Community Engagement’s Collective for Gender+ in Research, created it to help researchers navigate incorporating a gender+ lens into their scholarly work. It is structured as a question guide for researchers interested in producing better, more meaningful research that aims to do good in the world. It is organized by different stages of the research process, from selecting a research topic to deciding how to best share the results of research.

Community-Based Research & Data Justice Resource Guide by the Gender+ Collective

This guide introduces and develops the concept of ‘data justice’ for community organizations that already work with data or are looking to work on data-based projects. In addition, this guide explores dismantling power structures and privilege through definitions, examples, reflexivity, and critical thinking. It has been developed by numerous cohorts of students in collaboration with community partners and researchers; however, this guide should not be considered complete nor comprehensive. It is a starting point for conversations and we encourage readers to make the necessary space to engage in discussions about outstanding questions arising from this guide with other community organizers.


Co-constructing knowledge in Uganda: host community conceptions of relationships in international service-learning

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A practical guide to dveloping and maintaining social justice at the heart of ISL

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The potential of ISL: Re-examining ethical engagement amongst ISL partners

T Baldwin, S Mohamed, J Tembe – International Service Learning, 2015

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