Community Partners

Community Partners are at the centre of all aspects of ORICE work. While student learning outcomes are important, they are impossible to be achieved without the collaboration and co-education of our partner organizations.

ORICE has established ongoing relationships with the following community partners. The partners themselves determine priority projects, and together we match the project needs to various disciplines, courses, and students. It is for this reason that a partner may work with one discipline, such as economics, for a period of time, and later work with psychology; or perhaps the project demands an interdisciplinary approach, and both will be involved simultaneously.

Please note that students do not apply to work with a particular organization but rather, students apply to a course or program that has been previously matched to the organization and their associated scope of work. For further information about the work of our community partners, please visit their websites.


Clayoquot Biosphere Trust (Tofino, BC)

The mission of the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust (CBT) is to assist the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Region Community to achieve its vision by providing funding and logistical support for research, education and training initiatives that promote conservation and sustainable development.

Costa Rica

ASVPA Matapalo Sea Turtles Conservation (Matapalo, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica) Through the Matapalo Beach Investigation Program, we protect and conserve sea turtle nests and carry on a program of investigation to aid in efficient conservation, protection of endangered species, and the proper planning of tourist activities.

Quelonios del Caribe (Bataan, Limón Province, Costa Rica)

Quelonios del Caribe aims to “manage and contribute to the conservation, research, and education on the coast of Costa Rica while developing initiative to preserve natural resources based on community involvement.


Meghshala (Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Meghshala “focuses on teachers as a way to address the problem of education in India to create the much desired multiplier effect.

SELCO Foundation (Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Selco Foundation envisions a social-sustainable society by creating avenues for asset building, enhancement in quality of life, and wealth creation through sustainable energy applications.

SHARP NGO India (New Delhi, Delhi, India)

School Health Annual Report Programme (SHARP) is a non-government organisation that runs scientifically-planned health programmes for school children.


Alternative Livelihoods for Pastoralist Communities (ALPC) (Wajir, Kenya)

ALPC aims "to help locals transition away from a dependence on pastoral activities and toward more sustainable means of supporting themselves and their families."

Carolina For Kibera (CFK) (Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya):

CFK exists to develop local leaders, catalyze positive change, and alleviate poverty.

Kakenya's Dream (Enoosean, Kenya)

Kakenya’s Dream is leading the way to empower girls and transform rural communities through education.

Kamili Mental Health Organisation (Nairobi, Kenya)

Kamili Organisation provides affordable mental health services via 30+ clinics across Kenya and regularly work with the local community to raise awareness about the symptoms and stigma associated with mental health.

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) (Nairobi, Kenya)

KMTC is a "State Corporation established through an Act of Parliament under the Ministry of Health, entrusted with the role of training various disciplines in the health sector to serve the Kenyan interests, East Africa and beyond. The Graduates of the College account for more than 85% of the local middle-level workforce in the health facilities in Kenya."

Little Rock Academy (Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya)

Little Rock is dedicated to creating an inclusive and empowering educational environment.

Sunflower Academy (Nairobi, Kenya)

Sunflower Global is a social enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality education to vulnerable children throughout the world.

SWARK (Nairobi, Kenya)

SWARK’s “primary mission is to support capacity building in environmental conservation, eco-tourism, and development through training and research.


Tsomanotik (Tzimol, Chiapas, Mexico)

Tsomanotik aims to build a society that is sustainable, equitable, and built on principles of solidarity through a productive agro-ecological centre, education, and community programs.


Afripads (Kitengesa, Masaka District, Uganda)

Afripads aims to provide women and girls with a sustainable solution for managing their periods with comfort and dignity.

Busolwe Public Library (Busolwe, Butaleja District, Uganda)

BPL aims to improve the district’s reading culture in English and its local language, Lunyole, in order to increase the community’s literacy rates.

Good Samaritan School for the Deaf (Kitengesa, Masaka District, Uganda)

A school for deaf students whose “ultimate goal is to change the negative stereotypes currently held towards deaf people and promote their equal rights by working with parents and community members.

Kitengesa Community Library (Kitengesa, Masaka District, Uganda)

The KCL strives to promote a reading and learning culture to students and adults in the village of Kitengesa. More information (Facebook Page) More information (Wikipedia)

Ibanda Community Library (Kafunjo, Ibanda Town, Ibanda District, Uganda): The IBL is “aimed towards increasing the reading culture within the community.

Tekera Resource Centre (Tekera, Masaka District, Uganda)

TRC’s mission is to improve the quality of life for residents of Tekera and Lwega and build a model community.”

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO)

TASO works to contribute to a process of preventing HIV infection, restoring hope and improving the quality of life of those affected by HIV/AIDS. TASO has 11 centres acrpss Uganda and a head office and training centre in Kampala. Over the past decade, student teams have collaborated with most locations on various projects.

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